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DEA Incorporated mine power centers are the product of years of underground mine electrical experience coupled with an intimate understanding of manufacturing techniques.

Some of the advantages you will find with our power centers are:

  • Very Heavy Duty Steel Mine Duty Skids
  • Heavy duty Epoxy Enamel paint ( 2 coats ) on special primer coat.
  • Heavy duty end protection plates with lifting and pulling eyes integral. Protects against damage from mucker buckets.
  • All copper wound transformers - Special insulation characteristics available upon request.
  • S&C High voltage load break disconnect switches with locking features.
  • Safety glass disconnect visibility window.
  • Built in Lightning and surge protection
  • Hinged door high voltage fuse compartments with Kirk Key Interlocks available upon request.
  • Feed through capability for primary cables.
  • Neutral resistors with protection relays available upon request.
  • Single phase monitoring and protection available upon request.
  • All copper busses with preinstalled nut hardware eliminates nuts on buss connections.
  • Insulated and bonded ground buss the entire length of mine power center with external ground grid connection lug.
  • Finger pinch proof lids with adjustable and replaceable nuts for lid bolts.
  • Utility power transformer with primary and secondary protective circuit breakers - Sized per request.
  • Utility power panel with integrated solid state power meter for volts, amps, VAR's, kW
  • Unit has built in 120V & 240 V receptacles
  • Heavy duty limit switches on all lids and panels with optional recessed limit switch test panel.
  • Dual emergency stop switches in high voltage pilot line - One per end of mine power center.
  • Standardized secondary circuit compartments with the following features:
    • Six secondary panel spaces across end of mine power center.
    • Secondary panel spaces on each side, depending on customer request.
    • Fully interchangeable compartments between all of our mine power centers.
    • All secondary compartments have a system of interchangeable connector mounting's so any panel can be easily
    • be upgraded or changed to other brand or different sized connectors in the future if desired.
    • All circuit breakers are mounted from the front.
    • Hard wired connections in dead front panels standard on larger size circuit breaker panels.

Special PLC computer control compartments
and controls available upon request.

Mine Power Center

Mine Power Center installed Underground

Drifter Mine Power Center Installed & Running