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Specially designed panels optimized for use in the underground mining industry.

T1 Single Circuit Disconnect Panel

T2 Dual circuit disconnect panel
Can accommodate motor starter devices

T3 Triple output disconnect distribution panel
Can accommodate motor starter devices

T4 Quad output disconnect distribution panel

This line of equipment was designed by people who have worked in the underground arena and understand the difficulties encountered when trying to install electrical disconnecting devices in haulage ways and mine drifts. The Terminator line of equipment is designed with special mounting feature which allow them to be supported directly from split sets or mine bolts without the cumbersome addition of special mounting racks or wooden planks.

Some of their features are as follows:

  • Readily mount to existing rock bolts without special hanging brackets or devices.
  • Recessed faces to protect control devices when they are transported
  • Fully interchangeable connector adapter plates. Will allow most any connector to be easily installed without special modification. Easily accomodates Joy, Patton Cooke, Meltric, Line Power and other mine power connectors
  • Light weight - T1 single circuit model can be moved and installed by one man.
  • Easy open door, but fully lockable if desired.
  • Angled connectors
  • T2 and larger models accommodate integrated motor starter controls
  • Units can accommodate different manufacturers equipment such as circuit breakers and starters.
  • Fully rebuildable - All parts can be purchased individually, including door, recess, panel, internal frame and electrical components.
  • Ruggedly built for the underground mining environment